Welcome to my blog! I will be posting miscellaneous posts regarding Information Security and all umberella’s under that. This blog will be fairly informal and will only reflect my thoughts and ways of working.

My name is Shandyman. I was given this nickname while on a night out with some work colleagues. I had accidentally ordered a “Shandy” (50% beer in the glass, 50% lemonade) and was laughed at for doing so. ‘Perfectly fair reason’ I thought….but hey ho! The name has stuck ever since.

Shandyman has went on and developed in many ways, mainly online. The name really stuck after we competed in the Trace Labs Canadian CTF fir Missing Persons. Running under the team name “Shandyman and the Three Half-Pints”, we secured a 2nd place out of teams from all across Canada. A great finish.

Since then we have competes under the same name and finished 2nd in both the Global CTF 2 and Global CTF 3 for Missing Persons, and established ourselves as one of the top OSINT Teams in the world.

All of that accomplished while drinking heavily, and having a laugh on Skype. The Shandymen know no limit!

That’s pretty much the intro for now. Ill be posting misc InfoSec related topics over the coming weeks. The main focus will be on OSINT, but may include Forensics, Malware Analysis, etc,etc. Look out for them!


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